Our Pricing

Our base packages range from $700 – $2000, depending on the length and complexity of your livestream experience. Add-ons are also available. For a tailored plan and pricing, connect with our team on a free consultation.

We offer two packages: Wedfuly Complete Wedding and Wedfuly Livestream

The Two Key Players in Your Livestream Experience

We treat your wedding livestream like a professional production – using both on-site support and a team behind the scenes running the show.

#1: Remote Production Team

*Always Provided by Wedfuly*

This team is our secret sauce, and its makeup varies depending on your wedding. We listen to your vision and staff up with the appropriate experts for you.

With You From the Start

Once you book, you’ll have immediate access to your expert team – including a single point of contact to lean on through your wedding day.

Behind-the-Scenes on Wedding Day

Day-of, we’re your virtual control room and concierge. We’ll manage the live wedding production, direct the on-site person, and take care of your remote guests.

#2: On-site Support Person

Optionally Provided by Wedfuly

Many couples provide their own on-site support via a tech-savvy friend or family member. We can also support on-site in most major U.S. cities for an additional fee. Pricing to have Wedfuly come on site ranges from $800 - $1000.

Supports Day-Of

The on-site person will join the rehearsal call to ensure they understand the setup we’ve designed, then arrive at the wedding an hour early to set up.

On-the-Ground on Wedding Day

With guidance from the remote team, the on-site person sets up tripods, tests audio, and helps with any troubleshooting.

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