We love your love.

Wedfuly is working to dismantle the traditional wedding industry by removing financial, geographical, and health barriers—and allowing anyone, anywhere to get married with all of their loved ones in attendance.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive wedding experience for people of diverse cultures, races, identities, orientations, classes, sizes, abilities, and ages.

We understand that each couple is unique, so we seek to create wedding experiences that honor, validate, and celebrate the diversity of people who come through our doors.

While we respect everybody’s right to their own opinions and beliefs, we are pro-marriage equality.

We commit to the work of anti-oppression, humbly learning about (and unlearning) our implicit biases, and taking action as accomplices in the fight for social justice.

We recognize that our team is composed of primarily white women, and we are dedicated to actively advancing the diversity of our team, listening to people of marginalized communities, and taking anti-racism action, every single day.

We understand that committing to anti-oppression is a lifelong journey, and that we will unintentionally make mistakes along the way. We commit to owning up to and understanding the impact of our mistakes, making intentional reparations, and doing better in the future.

We commit to engaging with, learning from, and compensating experts who align culturally with our diverse couples.

We pledge to:

1. Diversify our hiring practices.Currently, our team is not representative of the couples we serve. We commit to actively seeking out diverse candidates and prioritize our hiring efforts of QTBIPOC, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities, and people of different ages, backgrounds, and classes to fill our open positions.

2. Continually learn and unlearn.Our leadership team will be joining an anti-oppression cohort for white allies in the Spring of 2021, and will continue to provide learning resources and development opportunities for the Wedfuly team.

3. Cultivate a compassionate community.We will kindly but firmly decline working with couples who do not align with our values of diversity, inclusivity, and anti-oppression.

4. Create inclusive content.
In traditional wedding media, QTBIPOC are represented significantly less than their white counterparts. We choose to showcase our real couples and will continue to celebrate their diversity—whether it be their cultural heritage, sexual orientation, or ability—to help disrupt that narrative.

5. Advocate for progress in the wedding industry.
We are quite literally writing a new script for weddings that is gender neutral (ie. saying “couple” instead of bride & groom), inclusive of all abilities (ie. avoiding saying “walking down the aisle”), and accessible to people who speak different languages or have different hearing abilities.

All Wedfuly team members, vendors, partners, couples, and alumni stand with us in pledging our commitment to uplifting diversity and inclusion in the wedding world and beyond.

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