Behind the Scenes: Remote Production Team’s Role

The Wedfuly team and your on-site support person will log onto your wedding 60-90 minutes before your ceremony starts to set up all your A/V equipment and ensure everything is working perfectly. If your guests log on during this time, they will hang out in the virtual “waiting room.”

If you have chosen to hire Wedfuly as on-site support for your wedding, that person will arrive an hour and a half before your ceremony starts to begin setting up the A/V equipment.

About 30 minutes before the ceremony start time (variable on tech set up being completed), your Wedfuly Coordinator will “open the doors” to your wedding, begin welcoming guests, and provide tech support as needed to ensure everyone can see and hear well. Next, Wedfuly will run and MC your wedding, acting as behind-the-scenes tech support and a concierge to your guests. We will change camera spotlights and angles and play any selected media (music, videos, or slideshows). The Zoom chat will remain open for your guests to offer their reactions and best wishes, and you’ll receive the chat transcript (in text file format) after your wedding.

Wedfuly Wedding Structure

A Wedfuly livestream generally includes four main sections.

1. Prelude

  • The 30-minute period where guests have been admitted to your virtual wedding, but the ceremony hasn’t yet started. The doors are “open” during this time for your guests to join.

  • We will have some kind of media playing to greet or entertain your guests during the Prelude. We can keep it simple with a static welcome slide and music, create a slideshow of photos for you, or show a video or slideshow you create.

2. Ceremony

  • The part of the wedding that begins with the processional (going down the aisle) and ends with you being married!

3. Optional: Short Intermission

  • A quick 5-10 minute break between your ceremony and reception; a chance to take a moment of excitement that you just got married!

  • Wedfuly will cue an intermission slide and play music during this time.

4. Optional: Post-Ceremony Activities (Group Photo, Closing Remarks, Video Messages & Reception Activities)

  • Group photo & closing remarks: After the short intermission, most couples will briefly come to the camera so we can grab a group photo of you with your virtual guests, and you and your new spouse (!) can express your gratitude and love to the virtual crew.

  • Video messages: If you’d like, your Wedfuly team can stay on with your virtual guests and allow the group to leave you special video messages. This allows your guests to show you some love, and these messages will be available to you in the full wedding footage you receive from Wedfuly after your wedding.

  • Additional reception activities: If you’d like to continue the virtual party into the reception, we’re game for that! We can include your cake cutting, first dance/s, toasts, or anything else you’d like your virtual guests to view. Keep in mind that your Livestream package includes 1-hour of stream time on your wedding day; additional hours are available to purchase.

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