What to Expect

  • First of all — expect to have an amazing time. We pride ourselves on ensuring our virtual weddings are intimate and engaging for guests

  • We ask that you be prepared to turn on your camera and come dressed ready for a wedding! There will likely be opportunities for you to interact with the couple as well

  • Expect the wedding to take about two hours – typically both ceremony and reception elements are included!

For Help with Zoom

  • Clicking the access link should open Zoom on your device (if you already have it installed), or prompt you to download Zoom

  • You may see be placed in the 'waiting room' if you join the wedding early; a Wedfuly team member will admit you when we're ready to go

  • Once you join the virtual wedding, a Wedfuly team member will also be available to assist with any additional tech help

  • If you have trouble joining, check out the Zoom help center here

Virtual Wedding Etiquette

  • Virtual weddings are brand new territory, so here are our top etiquette tips:

  • Use the chat function to say hello to other guests and offer well wishes to the gorgeous couple

  • Please eliminate background noise and stay present throughout.

  • Keep your camera turned on, and keep yourself muted throughout the ceremony – we will be prompting you to unmute at certain key moments

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