Wedfuly has helped plan and produce hundreds of virtual weddings, and no two are exactly alike. We pride ourselves on translating your wedding vision into reality, and we’ll work together to create a wedding that was everything you wished for and more.

Virtual weddings are new territory for couples and guests alike, so you’ve made a great decision to invest in expert help. Our team will be with you every step of the way: from making sure your niece gets her flower girl glory, to capturing your tear-jerker vows and first kiss, to spotlighting toasts from your nearest and dearest from around the world.

Some Wedfuly Weddings include anywhere from 0 to 50+ in-person guests physically present onsite with 100+ participating on Zoom. We would define this as a hybrid wedding as you are incorporating your virtual guest experience alongside the in-person guests' experience. A fully virtual wedding would be just the couple plus 1-2 guests onsite, with as many virtual guests as you wish to invite. There are no barriers to the guest list when you take your wedding online, so invite everyone if you wish!

Some consist of elaborate interactive elements or religious or cultural traditions, while others are short and simple. It’s up to you!

Anyone who has planned a big, traditional, IRL wedding can tell you—the process is daunting and the conventional industry lacks innovation. While virtual weddings were born of necessity during the COVID pandemic, couples have quickly realized that this new take on the wedding experience has so many other perks. Going virtual helps ensure loved ones can safely witness your wedding, but also saves a TON of money and reduces the carbon footprint of your wedding—that’s a win-win. Plans come together quicker compared to a traditional wedding, and the whole planning process is simply more enjoyable.

Virtual weddings strip away the waste to focus on what’s most important—allowing your nearest and dearest to bear witness to your love and commitment to each other. Plus, the Wedfuly treatment makes virtual weddings memorable, emotional, and just damn good fun—you’ll see.

We strongly believe virtual weddings are here to stay for the long haul. No matter the reason you’re choosing a virtual wedding, be proud to be part of the community breaking ground for the love of weddings!

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