While your Wedfuly Coordinator eats, breathes, and sleeps virtual weddings every day, we understand that this is a new concept for many couples. Before we start, here’s a quick review of some of the terms you’ll likely hear from your Wedfuly Coordinator.


Audio/visual (or audio/video). We use this term to describe all the tech equipment required for your virtual wedding, including camera devices, microphones, speakers, etc.


The video-conferencing platform we’ll use for your wedding. No need to fret, your Wedfuly Coordinator is a Zoom pro who will be there the entire time to make sure everything runs smoothly.

On-Site Contact

The person you pick to be Wedfuly’s eyes, ears, and hands-on the ground at your wedding. They are in charge of setting up all A/V equipment for your virtual wedding and communicating with your Wedfuly Coordinator. This person needs to be physically present for your wedding.

Wedding Party/Virtual VIP’s

Everyone who is participating in your wedding—including your wedding party, readers, toasters, singers, and musicians. They play an important role in your wedding and can be either physically present or virtual. You’ll provide this list to your Wedfuly Coordinator, and we’ll take it from there.


The person who leads the wedding ceremony service and officially “weds” you. Depending on your state, your officiant may need to be in person for your wedding to ensure it’s legally binding or could attend virtually.


The 30-minute period where guests are admitted to your virtual wedding, but the ceremony hasn’t yet started. The doors are “open” during this time for your guests to join.


The part of the wedding that begins with the processional and ends with you being married!


The portion of the ceremony where folks walk down the aisle. This could happen at the venue, virtually, or on a pre-recorded video.


Walking back down the aisle after the ceremony wraps, but this time as a married couple!


A quick break between your ceremony and reception, the chance to take a moment of excitement for being an officially married couple, and set up for your reception. Your designated on-site contact will be busy moving cameras around to capture the reception.


One of our favorite parts! The virtual party that follows the Intermission, such as toasts, cake cutting, dances—all the fun stuff.

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