Without a huge venue space or multiple tables to decorate, virtual weddings will save you a lot of money in this area! We recommend keeping it simple (less is truly more) and investing in just a few things to beautify your space:

  1. A large decor piece that will frame and enclose the ceremony, such as an arch, chuppah, or other wooden structure. If you're indoors and it's available, a fireplace mantel may do the trick!

  2. One or more rugs for you, your partner, and/or your officiant to stand on (yes, even if you’re outdoors). Rugs really help anchor the space and create interesting visual contrast.

  3. Flowers and plants to accent the ceremony space. Another virtual wedding bonus—no one will know if they’re fake!

Small decor items such as candles, vases, or drapery. Again, we recommend keeping this fairly simple—focus on varying the height of the items you use, as this will add great visual interest.

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