The Wedfuly Techy package includes 4 planning calls with your Virtual Coordinator, 2 hours for your virtual event, A/V requirements and best practices, and a bunch of other tips for how to make your virtual wedding super personal and memorable.

  • 2-hour time block to host your virtual ceremony and reception

  • 1-hour prelude for virtual tech support, setup, and welcoming of guests

  • 2, 1-hour consult call to go over day-of timeline, add-ons and Wedfuly’s to-dos vs your to-dos

  • 1, 1-hour audio/video set up call

  • 1, 1-hour rehearsal call to do a full dry run-through of your virtual wedding

  • Wedfuly team running and MC-ing the entire wedding

  • Spotlighting and muting of virtual guests

  • Playing of all provided media during the wedding (music, video, slide shows)

  • Email communication

  • Detailed timeline

  • Welcome, intermission, and thank you slides

  • Raw Zoom Recording in speaker view and the first page of gallery view

  • Chatlog

  • Participants List

  • ​Group photo screenshots

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