Virtual reception tables are a great way to visit with your friends and family in a more intimate way via Zoom. You will use your guest list to assign table numbers to each household/family unit - grouping attendees by work friends, or people you went to college with, etc. We recommend that you allow a certain amount of time (45+ minutes) during your reception to visit with friends and family, virtually.

To figure out how much time you will need in each room, take the time allotted, and divide by the number of tables. That will give you a rough estimate of how long you will visit each table.

45 minutes/10 tables = 4.5 min at each table

If you have under 200 guests, the price stays the same ($250) for the add-on. We recommend 15-20 guests per table. If you have over 200+ guests, you required to buy an extra hour ($300).

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