Surprise Video – $500 – Our team will coordinate with a guest list of your choice and prompt of your choice to request video snippets from each guest. We will put all the clips together for a video surprise at your virtual wedding!

Highlight Reel – $500 – We always hand off your Zoom recordings after the wedding, both gallery view, and speaker view, but post-wedding, our team can put together a highlight reel of your wedding day. Work with the team to choose the music and highlight your favorite moments in a video you can share with all your loved ones

Rental Video Equipment – Pricing Varies – Includes a combination of tripods, iPhones, and a Bluetooth speaker/mic combo. We also have hotspots!

E-vites + Website – $300 – We’ll put together a wedding website tied to electronic invites specifically for your virtual day and send them out to all your guests. This includes a way to collect comments and notes from all your loved ones

Virtual Reception Tables – $250 – Send us over your seating chart and we will break your attendees out into virtual reception or cocktail tables. They can socialize and chat amongst themselves as you jump from room to room to say hello!

Slideshow – $200 – Pass off all your favorite photos and the Wedfuly team will put together a slideshow to play during prelude (the time when people gather) and intermission

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